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Our defile from NewYearAnimeFestival,Russia,Ufa. 12/14/2013

1’st place in Group defile contest.

Victoria Seras by me & Pip Bernadotte by Nero_Yamato

Hope you’ll like it,hehe~  


The art in this movie makes me melt.

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JELSA for the win \( > v < )/ 

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These boots by Gipsy Dharma are probably the cooles boots one can get for any fantasy inspired character.
Woodelves, Fairys, Rangers. Those boots just make me want to create a really cool new fantasy character for Larp!
I think I would put on a pair of them and just run through the woods and feel pretty and elvenlike!

You can buy those boots here: http://www.gipsydharma.com
Or look through their posts on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GiPsy.Dharma.Unique.Clothing

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I’m about to cry, seriously

"I finally did it… I finally got my kiss… She’s a sweet girl… Dying to protect a sweet girl like her… is fine with me"


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